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The Story So Far...

Carbon Fiber is difficult, expensive, and time consuming to recycle. It requires precision, timing, and grace to achieve. It is not a simple process, nor a cheap one. So why make it our life goal to invent a process to recycle carbon fiber waste? Well the answer is simple, we don't see it as a choice. 

For the past 3 decades , Real Carbon, based out of Hood River Oregon has manufactured cutting edge products for the aerospace, aviation, space, and defense industries. In early 2017, functioning as a small job fabrication shop, Real Carbon was asked to  quote for a customer something unique - just making its way onto the scene. They tasked us with replicating this new look that was hitting the marketplace. So called "forged" or "chopped tow" parts were quickly making sales and waves in the industry. We successfully replicated this style using our own internal processes, and the job proceeded as normal. It was not until years later that we would eventually adapt this technology to a recycling process, rather than a discrete manufacturing process in it of itself. During day to day production we create off cut pieces of pre preg carbon fiber that get discarded. Instead of throwing these away, we have decided to do something about it! Join us in our journey as we use AI, 3D printing and human ingenuity to design, iterate, and manufacture these products! 

Meet the Team

Carbinfinity employs 4 people currently

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