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Carbinfinity is pioneering 3 different recycling strategies with differing levels of carbon offsets 


Our top of the line - most exclusive material. A combination of 6061 aluminum, specifically chosen for its recyclability and compatibility with carbon fiber and our proprietary infinifibers blend. Co-bonding dissimilar materials is a tricky process that needs to be done exactly right every time, something we have done for the Department of Defense for nearly 20 years now! You get a final custom product with quite literally infinite uses. Just tell us yours and we will make it happen! 

Pictured is a custom logo bag tag. It is a great use for a product like this especially for premium brands trying to establish their own iconography. In the age of digital business cards, digital portfolios, digital this digital that, let your brand or business stand out and shine with SilverSkale! A physical good that embellishes in the idea of quality, our forged carbon fiber and aluminum look is quite literally a one of a kind product that is sure to stand out. Oh and need I emphasize the fact that the whole thing is made from 100% recycled materials! 



It's in the name! Just kidding, but not really. This is a standard product, our bread and butter if you will. Except its carbon fiber and resin. Our proprietary blend is crafted from carbon fiber pre prep off cuts that are processed within the shelf life of the resin systems impregnated within. Let me explain that further - sheets of pre-impregnated carbon fiber are laid out on our automated ply cutting machine. We then slice individual cut outs from these larger sheets. These are taken and used to make products for Real Carbon (our main business). Unfortunately as a side effect of this manufacturing, we produce quite a lot of waste. 


Stay tuned for more details of this product line! 

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